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The Company They KeepThe Company They Keep:
C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien
as Writers in Community

Diana Pavlac Glyer
$30 Paperback (6 x 9)
Bibliography, Index.
Appendix by David Bratman
ISBN 978-0873389914  2007

Kent State University Press

In The Company They Keep, Diana Pavlac Glyer gives an inside look at the many ways that C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the other Inklings encouraged, challenged, and inspired one another as they worked together on the books they were writing. Glyer spent more than twenty years studying their manuscripts, letters, diaries, and other primary sources, and the rewards of this extensive research are evident on every page. But the real appeal of The Company They Keep is the way she tells their story, sweeping readers up into this tale of creativity in community. This book provides insight and inspiration for all who love imaginative literature and want to know more about the authors who create it.

Finalist for the Hugo Award
Winner of the Mythopoeic Scholarship Award

Named to the Y.B.P. List of 1,000 Core Academic Titles for 2007
Winner of the Imperishable Flame Award for Tolkien Studies
A CHOICE Recommended Book

The Company They Keep is a must for university libraries with strong Inklings collections or that serve institutions with creative writing programs.” Review: Tolkien Studies. Vol. 4 2007.

“This engaging study deserves a place in the library of all those who value the works of the Inklings.” Marjorie Lamp Mead, Associate Director of the Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois

“This scholarly—yet eminently approachable–text is highly recommended for academic libraries, and will be of great interest to students of English Literature, Communications, and/or Creative Writing.” Review: The Christian Librarian. Vol. 51 No. 2.

“The impressive documentation featured throughout is complemented by the stirring annotated bibliography provided by David Bratman, components that only increase the value of this amazing work that should be in every library, and on the shelf of every Lewis enthusiast.” Review: Further Up & Further In (

“This book is a must for libraries.”  Review: The SF Site (

“It’s a remarkable achievement that a book so cram-packed with rigorous scholarship (20 pages of tiny print for Works Cited alone, and an Index that serves as a model of how Indices should be done) is so clear and even charmingly written. It’s the best book on the subject, and that by a sizable margin.” Sherwood Smith, author of Inda, The Fox, and Wren to the Rescue

“I hardly know where to begin when listing the possibilities for Glyer’s book for the researcher. Starting with the obvious, anyone researching Lewis, Tolkien, or any of the other Inklings (either the men or their works), will find plenty of useful information both in the text and in the copious and often entertaining footnotes. Glyer’s practical illustration of LeFevre’s analysis of critique groups (almost a case study) is also valuable when researching such groups and the effect they have on writers in general. The book is relatively free from jargon and accessible to the educated layman. Anyone with a love of literature or writing will gain immense pleasure and knowledge from this thoroughly researched, very well-written book.” Review: Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. Vol. 18 No. 1.

“Glyer sees the hidden currents that serve as influences among writers, which makes this book as much a study about the act of writing in community as it is about the Inklings themselves. In other words, one need not be interested in the Inklings to be drawn in. It’s a fascinating case-study in group dynamics and the creative process, and because the two main subjects of the book, Tolkien and Lewis, also happen to be two of the past century’s most important writers, the book serves as a lens into the mechanism of genius as well.” Review: APU Research Reporter May 2007

“Diana Glyer should be congratulated on her heroically comprehensive scholarship, which makes it an indispensable resource. For me, however, reading it was simply pure enjoyment! – diving into another and delightful world. It is a tremendous reading experience.” Bruce G. Charlton, M.D., Editor-in-Chief, Medical Hypotheses

The Company They Keep is a wonder of a book. In a relatively short treatment, it manages to be scholarly enough to satisfy the most meticulous Inklings scholar yet lively enough to engage readers with only a passing interest in Lewis or Tolkien. It successfully addresses the needs of both scholars in composition studies and teachers of writing in the field as they seek to understand how writers groups work, and how to best employ these techniques to improve writing. And, the book will appeal to the wider group of people who hope to become more creative by using exemplary role models.” Review: Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and  Culture. Vol. 9 No. 1.

“In The Company They Keep, Diana Glyer has crafted the most intimate, clear, authoritative study yet of the Inklings, the famous Oxford writers’ clique that included, among others, J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S.Lewis. By bringing the group’s dynamics openly before us, she enables us to encounter the customs, personalities, and writings of its authors. It is really quite a stunning achievement.” Review: The Lion and the Unicorn. Vol. 32 No. 3.

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