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Diana Glyer is available for lectures, retreats, seminars, and workshops. Each event is a little different, but here is some general information to help with your planning.

Sample Topics

Lewis, Tolkien, and the Inklings

  • C.S. Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkien, and the Secret of Creative Collaboration
  • Lewis, Tolkien, and the Call to Community
  • Building a House of Friendship
  • Doing What the Inklings Did: Small Groups that Survive and Thrive

C. S. Lewis

  • C.S. Lewis: Spiritual Role Model? Or Some Kinda Fluke?
  • Living a Life of Love: Four Principles from C.S. Lewis
  • C. S. Lewis in Disguise: Portraits of Jack in the Fiction of his Friends
  • C. S. Lewis and the Algebra of Friendship

Teaching Writing

  • Designing Assignments that Bring Out the Best in Your Students
  • How to Coach Your Students through the Writing Process
  • Grading Student Essay: Spend Less Time, Get Better Results
  • Using Critique Groups in the Classroom
  • Reading Like You Mean It: Diving Deeper Into the Books You Already Know and Love.

Creative Writing

  • Great Critique Groups: Getting Started and Staying on Track
  • Un-finish your Rough Drafts: Ten Priorities for Effective Revision
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: Writing Advice from the "Author of the Century"
  • Five Books All Writers Should Read
  • Being an Author: Eight Myths and the True Truth.
  • What I Do When I Should Be Writing


I ask for an honorarium and all travel expenses, including meals and accommodations. The honorarium is negotiable depending on the location, event, and sponsor, but in general, I ask $1,000, plus $500 per presentation. Feel free to contact me for more information.

For more information or to schedule a talk, visit the Contact Page.