(hat tip to Michael Ward) The name of this blog is QWERTY– because the image of individual typewriter keys working together to produce something great speaks to me of creativity in community. I also love the combination of sound and touch and sight that comes together when the type-writing is going well. So I was


 When I visited C.S. Lewis’s house, The Kilns, I was delighted to see that his brother’s typewriter was on display. Warnie typed up manuscripts, wrote letters, and drafted his own books on that sturdy machine. Something very satisfying in the patterns and textures and sounds of an old machine. Something very humbling to touch lightly


I am using the typewriter theme from my book to develop my brand. I like QWERTY  as a blog title–  suggests typing/writing, suggests community and working together, suggests old school, suggests lots of graphic potential, and besides, it’s a seriously cool sounding word.

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