Creative Conversations at Petoskey High School

This morning, I visited an English class at Petoskey High School. We talked about how Tolkien pursued his private hobby of invented languages, and how he expressed his creative world in poetry and myth. We looked at his friendship with C. S. Lewis and considered the implications of Tolkien’s claim that Lewis is the one


Better than Barney. More creative than Raffi. As much fun as that Peter, Paul, and Mary’s classic “Peter, Paul, and Mommy.”  Sierra and I just discovered Hullabaloo. As part of its summer reading program, the Glendora Public Library sponsored a folk concert during its regularly scheduled story time. I hadn’t heard of the group,

What Do Authors Do All Day?

Last week, I was invited to give a talk in my daugher’s a second grade class. The students were doing a unit on careers, and I was invited to talk about  being an author. Here are some of their questions, and my answers: How do you prepare for your career? Get a little notebook. Start writing

What I Do When I Should Be Writing

I participated in a panel at LOSCON called “What I Do When I Should Be Writing.” The confessions included the usual: blogging, emailing, eating, shopping, channel-flipping, furniture moving. One surprise: a lot of us find that washing the dishes (really) helps when we get stuck on a writing project. Warm soapy water, a pile of

David Gerrold at Loscon

  I spent the weekend at Loscon, a local science fiction convention of a thousand or so members. One of the highlights was talking with David Gerrold, author of The Martian Child, The Man Who Folded Himself, and Star Trek: The Trouble With Tribbles. I told David how much I enjoyed Martian Child, a novel

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