The Company They Keep

Tolkien Reads “The Tale of Tinuviel”

In my lecture this weekend, I’ll talk about Tolkien’s poem “The Tale of Tinuviel.” Here is a link to a recording of Tolkien reading that incomparable poem. “The leaves were long, the grass was green, The hemlock-umbels tall and fair, And in the glade a light was seen Of stars in shadow shimmering. Tinuviel

TCTK Reviewed by John Adcox

I’m always thrilled when The Company They Keep gets an enthusiastic review. But some reviews make me want to jump and shout “YES! You get it!! That’s what this book is all about!!!” That was my reaction to this review recently posted by author John Adcox on his blog:  In Good Company: The Company They

Hooray for Newport Librarians

Back in August, a blog hosted by the librarians of Newport Public Library in Newport, Rhode Island, published this review essay. I love this kind of overview, and I’m just thrilled when libraries notice  The Company They Keep.  Kudos to Meg, who made this clear, helpful info available to readers! And thank GOD for librarians.   The

Writers Track at CSLF Conference

Plans are taking shape for the C. S. Lewis Foundation’s Regional Retreat, October 30-November 1, in Navasota Texas. It will be a celebration of creativity and community, and this year for the first time it will feature a two- day writers track.  Watch the website for details:   Where: Camp Allen Retreat in Navasota,


I am using the typewriter theme from my book to develop my brand. I like QWERTY  as a blog title–  suggests typing/writing, suggests community and working together, suggests old school, suggests lots of graphic potential, and besides, it’s a seriously cool sounding word.

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