J.R.R. Tolkien

Reviewer’s Comments on The Hobbit: DoS

“Feels like a chore rather than a source of entertainment and/or enlightenment. “For the love of God, just end it already. “An occasionally exciting yet mostly lumbering sequel that proves you can indeed have too much of a good thing. “It often feels like the movie’s title character is marginalized in his own story. “The

Creative Conversations at Petoskey High School

This morning, I visited an English class at Petoskey High School. We talked about how Tolkien pursued his private hobby of invented languages, and how he expressed his creative world in poetry and myth. We looked at his friendship with C. S. Lewis and considered the implications of Tolkien’s claim that Lewis is the one

Tolkien Reads “The Tale of Tinuviel”

In my lecture this weekend, I’ll talk about Tolkien’s poem “The Tale of Tinuviel.” Here is a link to a recording of Tolkien reading that incomparable poem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhDgJwcJcVk&feature=related “The leaves were long, the grass was green, The hemlock-umbels tall and fair, And in the glade a light was seen Of stars in shadow shimmering. Tinuviel

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