Themes of Pilgrimage

My friend Laura K. Simmons is on pilgrimage, walking the Camino deSantiago.  She shares these thoughts for daily pilgrimage, adapted from  A Village to Village Guide to Hiking the Camino de Santiago by Dintaman & Landis. Pilgrimage themes according to Dintaman & Landis: “Pilgrimage moves. Pilgrims are not static, but active and dynamic. The pilgrim journey by definition

Shakespeare Found Guilty of *gasp* COLLABORATION!

I received this heartening note from my friend David Bratman: I am reading a small book called Shakespeare’s Modern Collaborators by Lukas Erne (London: Continuum, 2008), and found this gratifying, and rather familiar-sounding, statement in the Introduction (p. 1): “Shakespeare’s play texts as they reach us are the result of collaboration. What this emphasis on collaboration entails is

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