This is the work.

Matt: “Did you finish that Dante book yet?” Me: “Naw. Got about 300 pages written. Spent a month with my writing group reading through it. It’s bad—really, really bad. I’ve got to let it sit for a while until I’m better at my craft. I’m not ready to write it yet. But I will be.”

Reading Icon-ically

In the Orthodox tradition, an icon is a picture that serves as a window to see God and an opportunity to open that window to receive something from God. Reading can work the same way: we read a devotional book or study the Bible, and the experience can be transactional. We expect to see something of God

Five Facts about C. S. Lewis

I was given ten minutes to name the top five facts that everyone should know about C. S. Lewis. I complied, and my answers were put into a blender with those of Dave Horner and published in this article: Here’s their top-ten list of Lewis Facts: 1. Lewis was born in Northern Ireland, just

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