Reading Icon-ically

In the Orthodox tradition, an icon is a picture that serves as a window to see God and an opportunity to open that window to receive something from God. Reading can work the same way: we read a devotional book or study the Bible, and the experience can be transactional. We expect to see something of God

Promises to My Creative Self

In my senior seminar class, students study the creative process, then create an artifact to help them to remember how they want to live their lives. One of my students designed a poster, and this is what it said: Promises I Swear To Keep To My Creative Self 1) I promise that I will do

Are You a Writer?

When do you know that you are –really– a writer? When you see a picture of your book on Amazon? When you win a writing award? When you actually hold your first published article in your actual hand? When you get your first fan letter? When wikipedia decides that you are “notable” When you read

How James Taylor Keeps My Dreams Alive

I teach a required general studies course called Introduction to Literature. It’s a standard course at most universities. When I teach it, we spend the first seven weeks looking at poetry. I have a step-by-step method of analysis that I teach them: I take all the usual stuff like metaphor and rhythm patterns and onomatopoetic

Should You Give a Try?

I recently completed several projects on, and overall, I am very pleased with them. The books look very good and the turn-around time is fast. They do a brilliant job of boxing your books: the packaging is very sturdy. I especially like the flexibility of their service: you can place your early orders conservatively

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