This is the work.

Matt: “Did you finish that Dante book yet?”

Me: “Naw. Got about 300 pages written. Spent a month with my writing group reading through it. It’s bad—really, really bad. I’ve got to let it sit for a while until I’m better at my craft. I’m not ready to write it yet. But I will be.”

Matt: “That must feel terrible!”

Me: “No, not at all. I’ll work on another project for a while, let this one simmer. I feel great about it. It’s a chance to learn and grow. This is the process. This is the work.”

3 thoughts on “This is the work.”

  1. Dr. Glyer –
    I was a student of yours at VLHS and once accompanied you to a worship service at JPUSA. I just purchased Bandersnatch and The Company They Keep. I’m so excited to read both of them. I hope all is well!



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