Themes of Pilgrimage

My friend Laura K. Simmons is on pilgrimage, walking the Camino deSantiago.  She shares these thoughts for daily pilgrimage, adapted from  A Village to Village Guide to Hiking the Camino de Santiago by Dintaman & Landis.

Pilgrimage themes according to Dintaman & Landis:

Pilgrimage moves. Pilgrims are not static, but active and dynamic. The pilgrim journey by definition involves movement from one place to another, be it across the street or across a continent. This movement may be physically challenging, such as walking great distances. This movement may be personally challenging, bringing interactions with people or customs beyond our comfort zones. This movement may be disorienting and humbling, entering a place we have not been and relying on others to guide and assist us.”

Pilgrimage remembers. (historical places with religious significance)

Pilgrimage inspires and transforms. …Some pilgrims come with a specific goal—to find peace about a recent troubling event, to seek guidance for a big decision, to refresh a sense of spiritual connection to God. Pilgrimage can be a ‘marinating’ process, which prepares the pilgrim for a future challenge, such as Moses’ 40 years in the wilderness and Jesus’ temptation of 40 days.”

Pilgrimage encounters the other. While many pilgrim experiences are profoundly personal, community plays a central role in traditional pilgrimage. Throughout history, pilgrims have banded together for safety and companionship and relied on local help along the journey as they experienced unfamiliar lands.”

Good Advice for living this pilgrim life.

Those interested in the theme of Pilgrimage should also check out this new album and eBook by Canadian singer/songwriter Steve Bell:

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