Reviewer’s Comments on The Hobbit: DoS

“Feels like a chore rather than a source of entertainment and/or enlightenment.

“For the love of God, just end it already.

“An occasionally exciting yet mostly lumbering sequel that proves you can indeed have too much of a good thing.

“It often feels like the movie’s title character is marginalized in his own story.

“The chaotic action, amped-up sound effects, and needlessly intricate CGI landscapes (which are less convincing than traditional sets or even the hand-drawn backdrops of Disney classics) wore me out well before the movie was over.

“For many, Jackson’s “Hobbit” will look like an overly long amusement-park attraction.

“Much of this has all the gluteus-clenching intensity of a good video game.

“One suspects that if it was any other name but Jackson’s above the title, we would be baying for the head of which ever journeyman hack had force-fed us this unnecessary volley of (upper-)second division fantasy clichés

“A bloated, dawdling and distended adventure that throws in so many extraneous characters and subplots, the eponymous hero – Bilbo Baggins – is edged off the screen for large chunks of time.

“This film could lose an hour and be much better for the cutting.

“With Jackson, it’s all lather, rinse, repeat.

“It’s epic fantasy for those who think the term means monsters, chases, fights, and little else.

“ just a bunch of mildly diverting, often seemingly purposeless loud and clangy stuff

“Maybe this really is what a lot of people want to see from a film version of The Hobbit, but let’s at least
accept that Tolkien would probably not have been among them.

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