Five Facts about C. S. Lewis

I was given ten minutes to name the top five facts that everyone should know about C. S. Lewis. I complied, and my answers were put into a blender with those of Dave Horner and published in this article:

Here’s their top-ten list of Lewis Facts:

1. Lewis was born in Northern Ireland, just outside of Belfast, and he strongly identified with his Irish homeland all of his life.
2. Lewis had a loud laugh and a very wide circle of friends.
3. He taught English Literature at Magdalen College, Oxford, and some of his very best books are books of literary criticism.
4. Lewis’ earliest ambition was to be numbered among the great poets, and he took great pains to write and rewrite, and rewrite his poems, some even after they were published.
5. Most of what Lewis wrote, he wrote in response to a request or a suggestion or the encouragement of someone else.
6. Lewis cared deeply about people. He gave away much of his income to people in need and he hand-wrote hundreds of thoughtful letters to all who contacted him.
7. Lewis was a great scholar. His academic books are still required reading at Oxford and Cambridge.
8. He wrote children’s fantasies that are still treasured by young and old alike, full of characters that reflect Lewis’ eye for common folk.
9. He was hugely popular as a teacher: his Oxford lectures on medieval literature were standing room only, students sitting in the windows.
10. Lewis described himself as a “dinosaur. He saw classical thinking as superior in every respect to modern thought, and took every opportunity to show that this was true.

Question: What five facts would you have mentioned?

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