Year: 2010

Printing Problems at

I’ve been working with for several months now, and in general, I am pretty happy with their work. They are fast, affordable, and flexible. I ran into a snag, though, with print quality. About 500 copies of Clay in the Potter’s Hands have been ordered. Most orders have been just fine. One order of

Shakespeare Found Guilty of *gasp* COLLABORATION!

I received this heartening note from my friend David Bratman: I am reading a small book called Shakespeare’s Modern Collaborators by Lukas Erne (London: Continuum, 2008), and found this gratifying, and rather familiar-sounding, statement in the Introduction (p. 1): “Shakespeare’s play texts as they reach us are the result of collaboration. What this emphasis on collaboration entails is

Inspiration or Perspiration?

I LOVE this excerpt on the creative process from Frank Cottrell Boyce, author of Cosmic. You can read the rest ofthe interview at Thanks to Lynn Maudlin for the link.   PW:  The theme of what it means to be/to have a dad in Cosmic is wonderful. Did that emerge on its own, or was

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