Month: September 2010

Colored Staples

Sometimes “inspiring creative connections” is nothing more than sharing the way that something very small and particular can light up your day. Here ya go: Blog: Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News Post: The Little Things: Colorful Staples Link:


(hat tip to Michael Ward) The name of this blog is QWERTY– because the image of individual typewriter keys working together to produce something great speaks to me of creativity in community. I also love the combination of sound and touch and sight that comes together when the type-writing is going well. So I was

Meditation on Genesis One

My church asked me to write and record a short video giving some thoughts on Genesis One. Here is the text of my talk: Genesis 1 for Glenkirk Church   August 2010 When I look at the first few chapters of Genesis, I like to pretend that I am Steven Spielberg, I like to think about

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