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I’ve been working with for several months now, and in general, I am pretty happy with their work. They are fast, affordable, and flexible. I ran into a snag, though, with print quality. About 500 copies of Clay in the Potter’s Hands have been ordered. Most orders have been just fine. One order of 100 copies was not fine: the pictures are splotchy, the ink is pale, and the cover is not aligned properly. If you ordered from, and you received a defective copy, let me know. I am trying to address the problem. I am really sorry.
Left Image: pale and grainy. Right Image: black and sharp.
Left Image: pale and grainy. Right Image: black and sharp.

3 thoughts on “Printing Problems at”

  1. Marianne G Petrino

    Ran into this problem with some recent books and told it was “printer variance”. I think QC should be consistent from whatever printers they use.


  2. Eskild Rasmussen

    I had made a nice front cover with the tools provided at At least it looked nice on the pdf file I downloaded:

    – Title
    – Cover photo
    – Subtitle
    – Author name

    But when I received the printed books, the cover photo had been moved down on the cover page so that there was too much space between the title and the photo, and what was worse – the photo was almost touching the subtitle. People do judge books by their cover – and the copies I have ordered and received are just impossible to sell – it’s pure garbage. I have made a complaint to lulu, and they have asked me to send them a photo of the damage. I have sent the photo yesterday, now I am waiting for response. The first 2 titles I made through lulu were OK.

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