Reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”

Here’s what it is like to read Donald Miller: I’ve heard all this stuff before, but it was alway spoken so politely that I could keep my umbrella up and my raincoat buttoned, but when Donald Miller says it, I am suddenly chilled to the bone and soaked clear through.


1 thought on “Reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years””

  1. You nailed it with that comment.

    I had the president of a film company hand me this book with the simple command; “Read it.” I did in one flight to LA and the moment I finished, after wiping away the tears from laughing and hurt-recognized, I turned to the inside front cover, wrote a note to my dad, who really needs a new story to live, and dropped it in the first UPS box I could find after landing.

    Having had the unique opportunity to read an early version of the screenplay “Blue Like Jazz”, the focus of the story Donald Miller was writing with Steve Taylor, reading “million miles” gave me an intense appreciation for the journey Don is living and was a challenge to me to walk more true, everyday.

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