Changing Concept

It seems like it might be easier to blog with a clearer focus. So maybe I could use this blog to share ideas and inspiration for writers. That might have some long-term benefit, not only for encouraging The Company They Keep, but also for my Writing Coach.

  1. Hmmm. Thinking about changing the title of Writing Coach. How's this: Mind The Chicken: And Thirty Other Tricks, Tips, and Strategies to Jump-start Your Writing and Keep It On Track. Better?

  2. Here I was thrilled that you were writing a (book?) about writing--now it's even more fun! "Mind the Chicken" is a GREAT title!

  3. Yep, a book, one of three book projects I'm juggling these days. The other two? A guidebook for writers' groups and something biographical on C. S. Lewis.

  4. From a consumer's perspective... I would purchase the latter title over "Writing Coach." That is, assuming that I had never heard of Dr. Diana Pavlac Glyer.

    Godspeed with the book!

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